Tips To Prepare For Entrance Exams amidst Nationwide Lockdown

The sudden occurrence of the COVID-19 brought the nation to an immediate halt. To prevent the spreading of the highly infectious virus, Govt. has not only ordered the suspension of educational institutions and offices to avoid public gathering but also postponed the upcoming exams until any further notifications. All most all the entrance exams have been postponed, without the revelation of any particular dates for exams. The students who have been preparing for their entrance exams throughout the academic year are feeling confused and anxious. Unlike the exams of schools and universities where the exams can be canceled and the students can be promoted to the next class, entrance exams are necessary for the future and career of the students.

To guide the students about the entrance exams preparations, this article highlights some important tips and suggestions which will help them in getting ready for their exams even from their homes.

Keep Track with the Websites: As none of the exam dates are verified yet, the final date of almost all the exams will reveled soon. As soon as the situation gets better, every examination will issue final notifications for the conduct of exams via their official website. Keep an eye for the final dates of exams so that you can reframe the preparation procedure and start the final revision. As so much time has already been delayed amidst the lockdown, the exams might be held after a short period of notice. So it is best to stay alert for downloading the admit cards and hall pass along with a clarity about any kind of modification in rules and regulations of the entrance exam patterns.

Self-Study Plan: Self-study is the best option during the isolation period. As all the classes have been suspended and there are no regular or coaching classes for the continuation of studies students should take the matter in their own hands and start studying by themselves. Remember to prepare notes and practice examples like normal classes so that their natural way of learning won’t be affected.

Keep in Touch with the Teachers and Lecturers:  It is advisable to keep in touch with the teachers and lecturers so that the doubts can be cleared immediately without keeping it for later. Inform your teachers about your doubts and questions through emails and chats. If possible connect to them through video calls.

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Online Learning: There are plenty of e-learning platforms available and students should know how to gain profit from it. Starting from complete subjects to individual topics, everything is available over the internet and students can very well choose their preferred subjects. To help the students in preparation some of the e-learning platforms initiated by govt. are SWAYAM, NTA, and E-Pathsala. Apart from that to help the students residing in remote locations, the govt. has provided a channel call SWAYAM PRABHA which is a collection of 32 DTH channels devoted to education and doubt clearance of students.

Mock Tests: Mock Tests are important for every entrance exam as they give clarity about the questions and bring confidence among the students. Practice as much as you can and try to improve your speed and efficiency through the mock tests. There are plenty of mock tests available over the internet which will give you clarity about your preparations till now and the areas you need to focus on for improvement.Without any alternative options but to wait until further notice, students should not waste this ample of free time and use it wisely for their own betterment. They should feel determined to work harder and have enough confidence to clear the upcoming entrance exams in a single attempt.

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