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JEE not required, list of online courses offered by IITs

To get admission in the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) is the dream of any engineering aspirant but only a few thousands manage to secure a seat every year. However, the premier engineering institutes also offer many online short-term certificate courses which are taught by IIT faculty.

IITs have their official online platform – National Programming on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) where IIT and IISc come together to offer online courses. The latest batch will commence from July 20, and the examinations will be conducted on September 27, October 17 and 18, as per the official schedule.

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If you are interested in taking up a course online from the IITs, here is a handpicked list:

Artificial Intelligence for problem-solving: The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-Madras) will commence a 12-week course on ‘Artificial Intelligence Search Methods For Problem Solving’. It is conducted in July every year. It teaches basics of AI, state space search, algorithm, game playing, rule-based system, problem decomposition with goal trees, among other things.

Cloud computing: IIT-Kharagpur will conduct an eight-week course on cloud computing. This will introduce various aspects of cloud computing, including fundamentals, management issues, security challenges, and future research trends. Cloud computing architecture, service management in cloud computing, research trend in cloud computing, fog computing are also included.

Biology meets engineering: The most demanding courses in both medical, engineering fields is biostatistics. The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-Bombay) conducts an eight-week course on mechanobiology, biostatistics. IIT-Roorkee also conducts four-week online classes in Biomedical nanotechnology, while IIT- Kharagpur has 12-week courses in Industrial Biotechnology. Interested candidates can apply through the website-

Polymer Science, Co-ordination chemistry: The courses on polymer science, co-ordination chemistry covers both engineering and medical fields. The online courses on introduction to polymer physics, which is of two weeks, is conducted by IIT-Guwahati. Meanwhile, IIT-Kanpur conducts a three-month course on chemical engineering thermodynamics, and an eight-week course on thermodynamics of fluid phase equilibria. The candidates will get a certificate following an online examination conducted after the conclusion of the courses. The courses are free of cost, but there will be a fee of Rs 1,100 charged for the examination.

Microelectronics, Coding Theory: Around 30 online courses are offered on Electrical and Electronics Engineering in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technologies and Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore. There are some-short term certificate programmes on Introduction to Coding Theory, Analog Electronic Circuit, Microwave Engineering, which have a huge demand in the industry.

IIT-Kanpur offers a two-month course on Coding Theory, while Microwave Engineering is a 12-week course by IIT-Guwahati. IIT-Delhi, IIT-Roorkee conducted 12-week courses on Analog Electronic Circuit, and Computer-aided Power System Analysis simultaneously.

Apart from these online courses provided through NPTEL portal, several IITs provide online courses on various topics. The IIT-Roorkee has recently launched an advanced certification course on deep learning, while IIT-Madras has started online courses for caregivers.The courses are targeted towards parents, teachers and caregivers of primary school children (classes 1-5). It contains simple methods of identifying and re-mediating young children with dyslexia. The candidates can also check individual IITs for short-term new courses offered online.

Courtesy: The Indian Express

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