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IMT Distance Learning

About the Institute

Welcome to Quality Management Education Experience at IMT Center for Distance Learning. These are unnerving times for higher education in India. Academic institutions are struggling with cut throat competition internally and externally. Employers are finding little value in the degrees and certificates of students. Evolution and Revolution in technology is much faster now. Despite the fact, that India is suffering from huge unmet demand for higher education, insufficient seats at Institutes of higher learning shall not reach the goal – “no one is left behind”. Research findings suggest students pursuing higher education abroad shall double by 2025.

There is a public backlash against rising tuition and student debt which cannot be overcome by establishing conventional educational institutions but by distance learning systems. We at IMT believe in the philosophy “whom do we serve” and how well we can reach out to those who can’t afford expensive education.

IMT CDL is the tier one non-traditional experience in management and business education having been recognized, as global league Indian institute. The time pressure and life’s demand make it harder for a working professional to develop managerial skills through conventional institutions. As the work place becomes increasingly challenging and competitive in the 21st century, the right management education and qualification has become a crucial success factor for working professionals.

IMT-Centre for Distance Learning (IMT CDL) is the most apt answer to meet the management education requirements of working professionals. The state-of-the-art infrastructure at IMT CDL enables the learners to experience world class management education with ease and flexibility and without the need to remain away from work. The vast digital repository of high quality management lectures by our distinguished faculty, proctored examinations, assignments, a large digital library and an advanced learning platform ensure an enriching and effective learning process. Also, free and optional subject mentoring available for all learners is a great facility for working executives to successfully complete and acquire a premium management qualification from IMT CDL. It is also heartening to note that IMT CDL has been ranked #1 in various recent surveys on distance education in the country.

It is an opportunity to join several thousand alumni who reposed their confidence and rose to greater heights on the ladder of their professional career. I invite you and assure you will achieve your learning goals. Our Journey for over two decades is a testimony that we have kept our promises all through.


  • Two Years PGDM
  • 15 Months PGDM (Executive)
  • One Year PGCM
  • MDPs

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