A Brief View of Logistics & Supply Chain Management Course

A Brief View of Logistics & Supply Chain Management Course


Supply chain consists of various activities that take place between the production and distribution of materials. Logistics and supply chain management includes different sections of supply chain management like materials purchase, management of transport, warehousing, packaging and distribution, order processing, inventory management.







Certificate, Diploma and PG Diploma courses:

1. Certificate course in logistics Management.
2. Diploma in Cargo and Courier Management.
3. Diploma in logistics Management.
4. PG Diploma in logistics and supply chain management.
5. These include both class room and distance education programs.


1. National Institute of Export Management, Chennai.
2. Indian Institute of Material Management Bengaluru, Kolkata.
3. Confederation of Indian Industries Institute of logistics.
4. Indian Institute of Management – Indore (PG Diploma)
5. Centre for logistics & Integrated Material Systems, Hyderabad.

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