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How to study smart for NEET 2020

National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) is one of the biggest competitive examinations which open the gates to leading medical and dental colleges of the country. Every year, lakhs of students aiming for admissions to government and private medical colleges appear for NEET.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the nation is under lockdown, which has been extended till May 3, 2020. The Union Human Development Minister (HRD) said that the entrance exams will be held as soon as the situation gets back to normal.

NEET 2020: Preparation tips and tricks

Alternative options of e-education

A crisis is also a great opportunity to learn and develop new forms of learning. Online learning app and platforms are available that provide a virtual classroom ambiance with complete notes, expert opinions, online classes, mock tests, etc for best student preparation.

Effective preparation as per latest syllabus

To begin with, students must have complete knowledge of syllabus and exam pattern for NEET. It is advised to not prepare anything extra than the syllabus. The NEET and board syllabus have a majority of common topics, however the pattern of questions asked is different.

While preparing for boards, students would have already built a conceptual understanding of topics, and should now utilise for extensive practice of questions. Students must practice previous years NEET questions for the topics on a daily basis. It will help them know what to focus on and excel.

Attempt regular mock tests

To test and analyse preparation, students are advised to take regular mock tests to know their strengths and weaknesses. Mock tests play an important role in making familiar with strong and weak areas. The NEET mock test cover the complete updated syllabus of physics, chemistry and biology and are based on the latest pattern of this exam earlier. Attempt few online mock test as NEET is an offline exam.

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Time management and pattern of solving questions

One of the crucial aspects of any competitive exam is the time management, if one perfectly manages his/ her time from the starting, the chances of acing the exam are highly increased. So NEET aspirants should stay focus on their time management and pattern of solving questions. This management of time and pattern can be only achieved by serious dedicated practice and questions solving.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Kindly don’t undermine your health amidst all the stress. You must take short breaks during your study hours. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and get at least 6-7 hours of sleep every day. Also, considering the current situation, please take all the precautions against coronavirus.

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