AICTE commences fast-track approval process for new engineering colleges, starts scrutiny of documents

All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has recently issued a statement which says that the scrutiny of documents has started for any new engineering colleges which are looking for fast track approval. The scrutiny of documents for these colleges has commenced, but will take place online due to the current nationwide lockdown in view of the coronavirus outbreak.

AICTE came up with this new method to keep the approval process for universities up and running, keeping in mind the restrictions of the lockdown.

The ongoing lockdown imposed till May 17 has had a major effect on examinations and admission processes of educational institutes. It had also started to delay the approval rates of new engineering colleges with AICTE.

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In the recent statement released, AICTE said,” We have devised online scrutiny of documents and virtual institute inspections in order to proceed with approval of new colleges. This process can’t be further delayed so we had to come up with a viable solution.”

The council also confirmed that the list of documents required for scrutiny is the same as the one required last year. In the statement, the council also said that online scrutiny will be at par with any physical scrutiny that institutes have been put through in the past.

This year, AICTE has received maximum applications for new management colleges. The council will be scrutinising ever minute details of the college before any decision on the approval is made.

Because of the further extension of the lockdown, the educational institutes in India are to remain shut till May 17, 2020. This has disturbed the academic calendars of many institutes and they are hoping to get back on track after the lockdown is officially over.

Courtesy: India Today

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