Goa University will not conduct exams for 1st to 4th year BArch students

No semester-end exams will be held for first to fourth year students of the BArch programme for the academic year 2019-20. The final year exam will be conducted by the Goa College of Architecture, instead of Goa University.

“The fifth year BArch examination is to be conducted by the college and the marks to be submitted to the examination division for processing of result. Attendance will not be an eligibility criterion for the examinations,” GU said in a circular issued on Monday.

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Final year exam and any repeat examinations will be conducted from July 1. Students will be evaluated based on sessional assessment grades, university registrar Y V Reddy said.

The final year viva will be conducted with an external examiner from within the state, in July. No student will be detained and will be given further chances to clear the exam and to improve grades.

Courtesy: TOI

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