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‘Govt using lockdown to impose digital teaching methods’

The CPM central leadership Wednesday said it opposes the digital divide in education and digital methods should be utilised only where all students have universal access to digital equipment. The remarks come two days after a teenaged girl in Left-ruled Kerala committed suicide as she was reportedly upset about not being able to attend online classes.

The CPM Politburo, which met through videoconference, said digital methods cannot replace traditional teaching in schools and colleges. The Politburo statement did not mention the incident in Kerala, but accused the Centre of “imposing digital teaching/learning methods.”

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“Using the lockdown, the central government is seeking to implement its retrograde education policy, unapproved by Parliament and imposing digital teaching/ learning methods. The digital divide should not be superimposed on our country’s education system, adversely affecting the future of India,” it said in a statement.

Courtesy: The Indian Express

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