More than 5,000 IoT patents filed in India in five years

More than 5,000 patents were filed in India over the past five years, compared to about 1,000 in the previous five, a study has revealed.

According to a report by the National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom), about 6,000 internet of things patents were filed in India from 2009-2019 of which over 5,000 were filed in the last five years.

While 70% of the patents were from R&D centres of multinational companies, 7% came from Indian companies and startups, the “IoT: Driving the Patent Growth Story in India” study has shown. Around 95% of IoT patents relate to hardware components, with connectivity network and sensors being the leading sub-technologies.

Around 60% of patents were filed by electronics manufacturers and 13% by IT-ITeS companies. Of all the IoT patents filed, 40% have been granted.

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Debjani Ghosh, president, Nasscom, said, “Emerging technologies such as IoT, AI, Blockchain and others are playing a crucial role in enabling an interconnected world as well as creating the new-normal.”

IoT innovation, especially with a focus on healthcare and manufacturing, will gain more impetus in the tech-enabled new normal, she added. In terms of applications areas, patents pertaining to smart electrical appliances and smart wearables lead in the home automation category.

Disaster prevention is one key area that can use IoT in assisting epidemiologists to trace patient zero and affected contacts by overlaying geographic information system on IoT mobile data. Smart cellular wrist bands can also help in effective quarantine compliance.

Courtesy: ET tech

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