ulektzjobs.com, a Chennai based job-portal is being launched by ulektz.com

ulektzjobs.com, a Chennai based job-portal is being launched by ulektz.com with a mission to reach out to graduates from various Engineering, Management, and Art & Science colleges/Universities across India and provide them with the best career opportunities available.

Our objective is to build an ecosystem of higher education to foster inclusive development of education, employability skills, and employment opportunities even in the remotest, inaccessible, and underprivileged sections of the society thereby creating educated, skilled and productive workforce globally. We have an in-depth understanding of the Indian job market, resource management, recruitment process, recruiters, and job seekers.

Our portal is a first-of-its-kind edtech SaaS-based platform that provides a suite of seamlessly integrated software applications for various needs of higher education stakeholders. Currently, it is being used by 500,000+ students and educators worldwide to connect, share, and learn for enhancing education, skills, and careers. Many universities and colleges use uLektz to enable digital learning, enhance academic effectiveness, improve administrative efficiency, and ensure students’ success. It is used by many educational publishers, skill course providers, and EdTech companies to promote, sell, and distribute their offerings through our platform.

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We Connect students, educators, and all other stakeholders of higher education worldwide and provide them curated quality resources and services for education, skills, and careers.

To combat the challenges and risks posed in the recruitment process due to the recent outbreak of Covid-19 and subsequent lockdown, we offer free-signup for HR professionals for recruiting and posting jobs to any individual students from any college or university of their choice.

Free sign-up: https://www.ulektzjobs.com/

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