Engineers crowd coding schools to upskill to stay relevant in job market

Rattled by news of widespread layoffs across India Inc, software engineers are flocking to coding schools to upskill themselves and find jobs in a largely lacklustre hiring market.

Coding training platforms such as MountBlue Technologies, AttainU, Scaler Academy, and Masai School are collectively looking to onboard more than 5,000 engineers for their full-stack developer courses, to meet what they say is a boom in demand for engineering talent from SaaS, fintech, healthcare, and edtech companies.

Experts said the Covid-19 crisis has spurred companies to adopt technology into each of their functions, and that skills in Python, Android development, JavaScript, Elixir, and UI/UX will command a premium in the job market.

Companies like Cashfree, MyGate,, and Razorpay, among others, told ET they will be ramping up their engineering teams over the next few months.

“The time is ripe for companies to invest in skilled software engineering talent as they prioritise building sophisticated back-end systems and software to cater to clients’ and customers’ needs,” said Abhimanyu Saxena, cofounder of Scaler Academy, previously InterviewBit Academy.

The Bengaluru-based coding school has received about 250,000 applications for its upcoming batches, Saxena said.

MountBlue is looking to onboard 300-500 programmers on its rolls over the next six months to put through a coding bootcamp, after which they get deployed in leading startups and technology companies.

Masai School is targeting a 5x growth in learners over the next six months, its cofounder Prateek Shukla said. It currently has 280-odd learners and is launching new courses for Android developers, UI/UX, data analytics, and back-end developers for part-time learners who want to upskill themselves alongside working full-time jobs.

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“We are seeing a rise in demand for software engineers from companies working in the fintech and edtech space,” Shukla said.

AttainU, which has 800-900 learners on its platform currently, is looking to onboard at least 4,000 more over the next few months, its founder Divyam Goel said.

“While the job market has seen a negative impact due to the pandemic, technology jobs are expected to see the quickest recovery because companies need to invest in building and scaling up their offerings,” Goel said.

Some coding schools are also receiving enquiries to remotely deploy talent for companies outside India.

“Since the lockdown started, we’ve deployed about 4-5 engineers to some funded startups in Singapore and the Bay Area, and we’re also receiving enquiries from some companies in the UK and Germany for programmers who can sit out of their homes in India but work full-time for them,” said Konark Singhal, founder of MountBlue.

Masai School is also receiving requests from Estonian and Israeli companies for remote deployment of talent. “Coding bootcamps present a great opportunity to global companies, because they get skilled Indian talent that can work from remote locations,” Shukla said.

Courtesy: ET tech

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