IIT Bhubaneswar Records “Significant Rise” In GATE Scores Of Selected Candidates

IIT Bhubaneswar reported a significant rise in the opening and closing GATE scores of the selected candidates for M.Tech in all categories of reservation and in all the programs this year compared to the last year, a statement from the institute said. IIT Bhubaneswar has released the first round of selection list for M.Tech admissions for the July 2020 academic session in 14 M.Tech. specializations from five schools of the Institute and uploaded on the website, last week.

In view of the Covid-19 pandemic, this time the shortlisting and selection of the candidates have been based on the GATE score with some weightage given to the performance of the candidates in the B. Tech and 12th examinations, the statement said.

The average rise this year in the opening and closing ranks over the last year are 8.6 and 12.17 percent respectively, it said.

The opening and closing GATE scores for the Computer Science and Engineering specialization this year are 888 and 779, respectively for the general category and 737 and 616, respectively for SC category.

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“The closing and the opening scores of the selected list of candidates is an acid test of how an institution is functioning since it directly reflects the confidence level of the stake holders. We have been observing this rising trend for the last three years in all the programmes including B.Tech, M.Tech and M.Sc at IIT Bhubaneswar, despite that the seats in the IIT System are significantly increasing over time,” Prof RV Raja Kumar, Director, IIT Bhubaneswar while speaking on the admission process.

“A rise of 12.17% is very significant, it is very satisfying to all of us at IIT Bhubaneswar, it would encourage us to work harder and I am confident that the institute will continue this rising trend in the coming years,” he added.

Dr PR Sahu, Dean Academic Affairs, said that like the previous year, the Institute is participating in the centralized admission procedure through Common Offer Acceptance Portal (COAP) for offering admission to the candidates.

The first round of offer was released in the last week and there will be a total of 10 rounds of offer, the last of which will be between August 7-9, 2020.

This year, the undergraduate admissions will take some more time due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the statement said.

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