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UoH introduces online submission of dissertations, thesis

The University of Hyderabad (UoH) has introduced online submission of dissertation/theses for those pursuing MPhil or PhD. From submission to award of the degree it used to take on an average of six months which will now be reduced to three months.

According to a press release issued by the university, more than 20 PhD viva voce examinations have been completed online in the last two months through video conferencing at UoH. Further, the university has shortened the time required for the MPhil/PhD dissertations/theses, a process that was through hard copies submission until now.

“The hard copies of dissertations/theses were sent by post to external examiners who usually took between two months to six months to get reports. This was followed by viva-voce at the university. To cut short the time required for evaluation and more importantly to make the whole process paperless, UoH has decided to process MPhil and PhD dissertations and theses only in the online mode w.e.f. June 1, 2020,” read the press release.

In this new process, MPhil and PhD students will upload soft copies of their synopsis/dissertation/theses online through e-governance portal of the university, from their own login ID, along with the copy of course completion certificate and plagiarism report. After the vice-chancellor (VC) appoints the external examiners online, the synopsis is sent for acceptance.

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Post the acceptance, the examiner will receive an automated email with the user credentials and stipulated time will be given to the examiner for evaluation of the dissertation/theses online. The examiners will get auto-reminders about the dates and in case of a delay, the task will be passed on to the next examiner. No hard copy is required by the university at all. After the reports are received, the viva-voce is conducted online.

The viva voce recommendations are approved by the VC online and then the results are published. The whole paperless process is similar to the ways in which the best research journals handle the manuscripts submitted for publication. The university has also allowed pre-submission seminars for MPhil and PhD students online.

“With this, elimination of paperwork and the need for physical presence during viva voce, the research scholars will now be able to complete their evaluation process smoothly and efficiently and in a much shorter time. From submission to award of the degree it used to take on an average of 6 months which we would like to bring down to 3 months by putting this process in place to benefit our MPhil/PhD students,” said Prof Appa Rao Podile, VC, UoH.

Courtesy: TOI

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