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From recruiting to support mentally The changing role of HR during coronavirus pandemic

When we all are adapting to the new remote work culture, thanks to the ongoing covid19 quarantine, companies are also reforming their HR policies for the benefit and wellness of the employees. It has been seen that during the time of isolation working set-up a HR’s role gets more intensifies than conducting on-line meetings to review performance. In the times of pandemic, the HR must prepare for any health-related emergencies and installing preventative measures. HR’s job is to keep employees physically and mentally healthy to resume regular work, as well as preparing business recovery measures, during this transitional time.

From issues ranging from shortening working hours to closing completely, employees feel left in the dark. Already surrounding by coronavirus confusion, human resources role becomes redefined during a pandemic.
Here are the ways through which HR can provide much requisite comfort to the employees:

Ensuring remote work wherever possible

In order to reduce the number of rising cases of COVID-19, the best way is to maintain social distancing and stay at home policies. So, letting employees work from home till it’s not advisable to come out will no doubt cease the spread of the virus. HR should come up with new remote working policies for employess and this policy will outline the importance of mental and physical health in such troubled times. People should be allowed to take sick leaves to take care of their health in the condition of pandemic.

Employee engagement should be the focus

When people are working remotely, it gets difficult to bring people together for a relaxation session that will help to ease the burden. Managing a remote team is the skill HR needs to learn in the pandemic situation.

Managing well-being and work life

HR needs to offer support in everything from employee assistance programs to programs for mindfulness, exercise, nutrition and financial counseling. There is a surge in panic, depression and anxiety in profoundly stressful, uncertain times. Employers need to step up to ensure easy access to care and, ideally, proactive screening for mental health conditions. HR should keep in mind that noone’s life is similar and everyone needs different approach to strike the balance between worklife and well-being

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It’s only communication, communication and communication

Employees are in a fix about the company’s remote working policy, they are completely clueless that how long it will go. So, in such scenario, it’s pivotal that they should communicate with the employees and keep their confusion away. Provide advice on medical needs and help, information on the company’s status, their roles, and any financial aid options. Arrange a meeting every week with the employees to give them hope in such hopeless situations.

Reimagining the organization when pandemic subsides

HR plays a major role to ensure success of organizations through and beyond the pandemic. They need to come at the forefront when the pandemic ends by taking a multi-strategic approach of reimagining the organization, developing talent strategies, addressing wellbeing and work-life, administering HR systems and facilitating reentry to the office.

Authored by Rachit Jain, CEO & Founder, Youth4Work

Courtesy: India Today

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