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How sports is essential in education and can be a future profession too

Sports or Physical Education is an integral part of a person’s overall well-being and is imperative for a healthy mind and body balance. Many schools and educational institutes lay ample emphasis on including sports as a necessary part of education, however, how you introduce sports to them makes all the difference at school level and thereafter.

Taking a class to play sports might paint a picture of children running around, throwing balls, or running in circles. While the introduction to practically playing sports is the ultimate ideal, the education about that sport by warming up the kids to the basics and the need, origin of that sports among other things is where you have a chance to cultivate a captive audience.

Sports somewhere taken a backseat

A well-informed person is bound to waste less time in understating the basics but more in tactics. With Indian families focusing on creating the next generation of engineers, doctors, and officers.. the other career options which are labelled as “Extra-Curricular” have somewhere taken a backseat. With the change in lifestyle too, sports and physical education has taken a front seat to improve the overall quality of life.

To take you back to our roots, India has a rich history of sports from the Vedic days. Archery, Chess, Kabaddi, Wrestling, are some of the famous sports the kings and the queens used to indulge in. Then came along Badminton, Volleyball, Hockey, Cricket, Boxing, and Shooting. Then the whole emergence of professional sports and community sports, national and international championships completely revolutionized sports for human beings.

As much as one wants, however, the sad reality is that sports is not considered as a serious career option.

Major benefits of pursuing sports.

1. Once a sportsman, always a sportsman. Sports guarantees physical development and good health. Sports help in shaping and toning body muscles, keeping strong bones, staying active physically with better reflexes and being swift.

2. Healthy you, Healthy Nation. Rigorous sports activities reduce chances of being obese thereby avoiding undesired ailments and reduce the level of stress/anxiety and add to the mental toughness.

3. Overall Well-being for a good personality. One learns to be disciplined, develops value system, sense of friendliness, feeling of togetherness thereby developing team spirit and mutual cooperation.

4. Sports teaches leadership. The leadership traits are inculcated and personal output has a synergic effect.

Putting the current awakening on an individual level, led by Covid-19 and its effects, the need to keep oneself fit, through various forms of sports, physical exercises has once again taken the center stage. Like everything else going through an overhaul, and adapt to the new normal, the need to inculcate sports as a day to day habit and imparting education related to physical education is more critical than ever before.

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Awareness about the topic is the first step, and educational institutes should revise the age-old educational system and emphasize the necessity of SPORTS be made MANDATORY. India will see a large number of CHAMPIONS coming along once this development.

Educational Curricula must have an age-wise activity schedule and performance is gauged in terms of his/her ability to perform at various levels, the results should be withheld. This will surely bring out best in Physical Education Teachers/Trainers/Coaches.

Physical Education as part of educational activities may be kept every day of functioning and considering facilities available for sports, these can be alternated with theory and practical and at least one day of the week a competitive engagement is kept by engaging any sports arena.

Khelo India Programme

A movement on Sports Education may begin for fitness and also aid the “Khelo India Programme” launched by Ministry of Sports in India. An inclusion in the form of scholarships to players, financial aid to stimulate institutions and around the week engagement with the sports complexes is the need of the hour.

With the above notes, it becomes relevant to say that with mandatory changes in educational curricula, India will be healthy and truly professional for a glorious tomorrow.

Courtesy: India Today

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