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No trials, ECA quota admissions on basis of certificates this year Delhi University

The Undergraduate (UG) admissions through Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) quota will be done based on certificates in selected catergories this year and there will be no trials. The decision was taken by the standing council of Delhi University on Monday. There are about 14 categories including dance, singing, writing, yoga, NSS and others under the ECA quota. Keeping the Covid-19 pandemic in view, DU had earlier cancelled examinations through ECA quota saying it was not possible to take admissions without trials since there is no recognised body to issue certificates for these activities, unlike in sports.

Just like the sports category, ECA admissions will be done on the basis of merit and participation certificates. The candidates have to submit five top certificates with self attested, of which 3 best certificates will be selected, and the merit list will be prepared by calculating the marks out of 100.

Meanwhile, unhappy over the decsion of the DU adminsitration, some teachers have submitted a memorandum to vice-chancellor Yogesh Tyagi demanding a review of the changes made in guidelines of ECA quota.

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Pankaj Garg, a former member of Academic Council (AC) and convenor of INTEC, said, “The guidelines regarding the ECA admissions are contradictory in nature; on the one hand Committee suspects the authenticity of uploaded ECA certificates and on the other hand it recommends the admission under ECA quota on the basis of ECA certificates only. Admissions through ECA quota should be done done through the faculty of Music and Fine Arts.”

The teachers also accused the varsity of favouritism and nepotism in ECA admission.“Admissions under ECA category in last few years have been discriminatory in nature and practice. It is observed that the way ECA admissions carried out in the past has been used as back-door entry to certain colleges of University, hence an easy playground for Nepotism and Favoritism,” read the memorandum.

Further, the teachers added, “The cut-off reserved category students is already lower to a certain amount therefore the starting point from where the relaxation of upto 15% ECA cut-off is considered provides no/little benefit to the students of reserved category. So far the admissions of reserved category under ECA Quota with 15% relaxation cut-off of should be done away with and admissions of respective category should be taken into consideration along with their actual cut-off.”

Courtesy: The New Indian Express

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