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uLektz Online Application System For Higher Educational Institutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has wrecked almost all the industries in different sectors with education being one of the most disturbing sectors. It has posed a tough time to students and educational institutions forcing them to lose much of their valuable time and opportunities.

With the 12th-grade results being out and the lockdown still going on, the college application process has become a laborious task for the institutions. As a hold-up, uLektz Campus provides universities, colleges, and other education and training institutions with an easy to use and easy to manage Online Application System.

uLektz Online Application System helps institutions to issue application forms, collect application fees, review the received applications, track/ monitor the applicants and applications sales. It also aids to contact the applicants and admit or reject applications too.

The institutions will also be able to collect applicant details and relevant documents such as personal/ contact/ academic details, sports/ extra-curricular details, community, and other details for scholarships in an easy and secure manner.

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The institution will be provided with a white-labeled (with institution branded logo and name) online application form URL, which can be added as a hyperlink on the institution website.

It is easy to use and manage a system wherein no hardware or software needed to be purchased, installed, or maintained. Also, the institutions need not have any payment gateway on their own and can use uLektz Payment Gateway to collect the Application and Admission Fees conveniently.

This system helps institutions and their faculty members to continue their application process online, within the comfort of their homes amidst the crisis with a one-time setup and nominal implementation cost of Rs. 30,000 only.

This uLektz Online Application System can be implemented and integrated with the institution website in just a day’s time. uLektz is honoured to provide an intense and uncondensed digital transformation to the typical handwritten application form system to just a finger’s touch online!

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