Final year exams already held or being planned for in 603 out of 818 universities UGC

As students continue protesting against the final-year exams in universities and colleges and are even ready to submit a petition to PM Narendra Modi for the same, UGC has informed that 603 out of 818 universities have either conducted examinations or are planning to conduct them.

“Universities were approached to inform the status of the conduct of the examination. Response received from 818 Universities (121 Deemed Universities, 291 Private Universities, 51 Central Universities and 355 State Universities),” UGC said, as per ANI.

“Out of the 818 Universities, 603 Universities have either conducted the examination or are planning to conduct,” the statement from UGC added.

Final-year exams already over in 209 universities

UGC informed that 209 universities have already carried out the final-year or final-semester exams in the online or offline mode, while 394 universities were yet to carry our exams in August or September in the online, offline or blended mode.

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“In case of 35 Universities (27 Private Universities, 07 State Universities, 1 Deemed University), the first batch is yet to become eligible for the final examination,” UGC said.

New exam guidelines were issued by UGC on July 6 so that colleges, universities and other higher education institutes can carry out the final-year or final-semester exams even in the middle of a pandemic.

Courtesy: India Today

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