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Delhi govt Career Launcher develop eLearning platform to give career guidance practice tests

The Department of Education of NCT Delhi appointed Career Launcher to find a fast-scaling solution to not only ensure educational continuity but to also serve as a platform for long-term educational transformation.

Career Launcher with the help of Intel and Amazon Web Services (AWS) came up with this unique and efficient digital platform called

These two companies worked together with educators to adapt, Career Launcher’s learning portal, to address the needs of Delhi’s schools.

Career Launcher’s portal is developed for learning, fun, parenting, and mentoring to provide offline learning resources with practice tests, educational games, and career guidance.
Delhi government and career launcher collaboration

Career Launcher is working with the Delhi government to help train teachers in Delhi on effective virtual teaching techniques and technologies using its portal.

Within two weeks of the trial, the portal was successfully launched, and Project Aspiration 2020 was born.
Idea behind new career portal

Intel and AWS provided the funding for a trial and worked with Career Launcher and the Delhi government to quickly establish the cloud infrastructure services required to scale rapidly to meet the anticipated demand.

“Using cloud infrastructure, instead of having to acquire and manage the computing resources themselves, Career Launcher was able to focus on creating the necessary experience required by their new audience of teachers and students,” said Intel.

About is built on AWS Cloud, which offers scalable performance and built-in artificial intelligence acceleration with Intel Xeon Scalable processors.

For intensive workloads that involve video, analytics, AI, and more, Intel’s scalable processors deliver extensive compute headroom to cost-effectively scale platforms like to meet the future learning needs of students.

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AWS’s contribution to

Career Launcher uses AWS Cloud services here to build robust scalable services for live streaming of classes as well as archival and replay of past recordings.

“The AWS stack helps them scale their live streaming services to hundreds of thousands of viewers and also address the various bandwidth needs and device formats,” said AWS.

AWS also added, “This allows them to cater to users of all types without much additional effort.”

Additionally, services like AWS Elemental MediaLive allows them to securely broadcast their videos with multi-level encodings, and Amazon CloudFront provides them with low latency and high-speed content delivery capabilities.

Current status of Career launcher’s

The programme is now serving over 165,000 students with extremely high rates of engagement – 90 percent of students enrolled are regularly active.

With requests to participate in the programme coming in from across the country, the project is planned to grow to reach about one million students within the next few months.

The ultimate targetted goal for the program stretches well beyond the Covid-19 crisis.

Courtesy: India Today

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