Final year exams to be held at year end, no final plans for schools reopening HRD meeting

The HRD Parliamentary Standing Committee meeting was held on Monday, August 10, and as per sources, it has been decided that there would be no zero year in colleges this year. This means that final-year exams will be held at the end of the year.

Also, no final plan has been made yet regarding reopening schools. Any decision taken would be done on the consultation of states.

Meanwhile, Maharashtra and Delhi have refused to conduct final-year exams due to the high concentration of Civil-19 cases in the states.

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Regarding online classes in schools, a suggestion calling for no online classes up to class 3 has been given at the meeting

As per the suggestion placed, there should be limited online classes for classes 3 to 7 and full online classes for classes 8 and above.

Courtesy: India Today

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