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For DU exam students to bring own paper gadgets allowed

Starting September 14, Delhi University is set to hold the second phase of exams for final-year students who could not appear for the first phase of the online open-book exam. The exams will be held in a blended mode, where students can opt for giving the exam online or offline. For those opting for physical exams, the university has said they have to bring their own papers to use as answer sheets as well as stationery. Electronic devices will also be allowed inside exam centres.

This information was submitted by DU in an affidavit filed in the Delhi High Court on Thursday.

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The second phase is being held for those who “have either not appeared or have failed to upload/submit scanned images of answer scripts in the first phase of examination”. DU also said the mode of exam cannot be changed once exams begin.

Amid the Covid pandemic, the affidavit says “all security and safety measures have to be adhered to by all students and staff members concerned during examinations”, such as carrying face masks and hand santisers.

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The rules to bring stationery and electronic devices applies to those who opt for offline exams and those who sit for online exams in ICT (information and communication technology) centres. “Students who opt for the physical mode of OBE as per date sheet during the second phase shall have to appear at examination centres in Delhi only… Request for change of examination centre shall not be entertained by the University,” DU said in the affidavit.

For those who opt for physical exams, it said, the question paper may be sent via WhatsApp or email.

“Students for both mode of examinations i.e. physical or ICT-based activities, shall answer questions on plain/ruled A4 size paper and shall use their own papers for writing answers. There will be no physical assistance during examinations in the college and departments,” it added.

“All required stationery to be used for examinations shall have to be arranged by students…,” it said, adding that electronic gadgets will be allowed during exams. “Question papers may be sent on WhatsApp or email during examinations instead of printed paper,” the affidavit said.

Students giving the exam online will get four hours — three hours to download and attempt the question paper and another one hour to upload scans of answer sheets — while those sitting for physical exams will have three hours to complete their answers.

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The first phase of Open Book Exams began on August 10 and ends on August 31.

According to data submitted by DU in court, out of the total 82,852 students (excluding figures of the School of Open Learning), 80,139 had registered for the exams, of which 79,533 had been able to log in to the DU portal. Out of this, 76,040 students attempted papers but finally 71,103 submitted the answer sheets on the portal.

Similarly, for SOL, of the 1.7 lakh students, roughly 1.5 lakh had registered. Of this, 1.47 lakh were able to log in to the exam portal, but 1.36 lakh finally attempted the paper and 1.26 lakh submitted their answer sheets. DU also said 15,754 SOL students and 7,975 other DU students had sent their answer sheets via email.

Courtesy: The Indian Express

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