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Pondicherry University announces open book mode for end semester exams

Pondicherry University announced on Friday that end semester examinations for students of affiliated colleges will be conducted under open book mode in view of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“To ensure fair and equal opportunity for students appearing through online, offline or blended mode it is decided to conduct end semester (final semester) exams for students under the open book exam mode as per guidelines of the UGC on examinations and Academic Calendar issued in April last,” a release from the university’s Controller of Examinations said.

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The release said that students are allowed to refer to books, notes and other study materials to answer questions.

Answers should reflect the understanding of the concept and not verbatim copying from sources.

The university has also stated that the Chief Superintendents were expected to ensure that the relevant materials were not exchanged between students to avoid Covid infection.

All other conditions like duration of examination, pattern of question papers remain the same, the release said.

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Students should answer in A4 white sheets in black ink.

Scanned papers are to be sent to the respective colleges within 30 minutes after the scheduled time of the examinations.

The end semester examinations will begin on September 21.

Courtesy: TOI

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