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Jamia Millia Islamia organises Intellectual Property Rights in Higher Educational Institutions Webinar

Jamia Millia Islamia(JMI) organized a webinar on ‘Intellectual Property Rights in Higher Educational Institutions’ on October 03, 2020, to create awareness about the IPRs eco-system among faculty members and students. The webinar was inaugurated by Prof Najma Akhtar. Prof. Naresh Sahajpal, Ex Outstanding Scientist, CSIR, G. R. Raghavender, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Law & Justice, Dr. Mohit Gambhir, Director Innovation Cell, Ministry of Education, were expert panelist for the webinar.

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Jamia VC explains issues related to ‘Intellectual Property Rights in Higher Educational Institutions’

Prof Akhtar in her inaugural address said that the recent National Education Policy (NEP-2020) has put major thrust on incorporating skill development, ability enhancement, and a tech-driven approach in teaching-learning processes along with innovation and creativity. She further said that IPRs and patents are less understood by academics and therefore many times, faculty members are unable to patent their innovative research work. Also, the focus of academic institutions mostly remains in the publishing of research in journals. It is therefore important to create IPR awareness within the institutions.

She stressed that an enabling culture needs to be developed within institutions, so that faculty members and students are aware “what can be patented and what cannot be” and they should know the processes of filing patents and consequential benefits to the stakeholders.

Prof. Akhtar also briefed the participants about the initiatives taken by the Govt of India and the recommendations of UGC to make IPRs as part of the curriculum in the academic institutions.

She further said that JMI has an excellent research profile and there is a need to convert it to patents and practical use by society. The university is committed to creating an enabling system and awareness for IPRs within the student and teacher community. A mechanism in university has been set up for promoting IPR filing by way of providing financial incentives. In the future, more impetus will be given to this important area.

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Eminent speakers in Jamia Webinar

Prof Sahajpal, a well-known expert in the domain of IPRs, Technology Transfer, and Research Planning gave a detailed presentation on the importance of patents, filing patent applications, and the subsequent processes. He also shared his experiences and gave insights into how research can be translated into patents its practical use.

G Raghavender, briefed that participants about the legal aspects of IPRs, patents, and various policy initiatives taken by govt of India to foster the growth of IPRs in academic institutions. He said that JMI being in the top ten central universities in the country has huge potential to improve its patent profile in the coming years.

Dr Mohit Gambhir presented the Govt initiatives on creating an innovation culture in the HEIs. He also stressed upon IPR infringements, by sharing practical examples from the industry. He also gave insights into IPR patent and innovation data across countries to give participants an overview of the international scenarios.

Courtesy: India Today

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