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2. Education, Employability and Employment focusing on Higher Education
Author | Mr. Mahesh Singh Bhatia


The term ‘employability’ indicates that a person possesses skills, abilities, and attributes to get a job and to be successful in his profession, which will lead to the overall development of the country. Candidates must deliver what is expected from them by the industries. It is also expected that higher education should develop employability among the candidates. Although education and employability are two separate things, it has been assumed for a long that possessing a higher degree will ensure getting a good job across global.



India is steadily working to become a pool of market-ready talent for the world at large and not just for domestic needs. With India having the world’s largest youth population it is well-known that the education system will have to continue to take the lead role to provide the youngster’s required skills and training, especially to higher education students.


Higher education plays an important role in terms of the economic development of the country. It supplies trained and skilled manpower to the different sectors of the economy. Out of four “M” major factors of production i.e. men, money, machinery, and material, we may only have a competitive advantage over the men i.e. human resources or manpower, because the quality of manpower may provide tremendous output. Hence, the development of the country depends on its quality of manpower. It is very much important for the government to invest in education, training, and skill development programs to supply quality manpower in the requisite number to different sectors. At the same time, the government must take initiatives to measure and control the institutions providing higher education, training, and skill development programs to control the quality supply of skilled manpower.


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‘Eligible’ and ‘Skilled’ are two very distant terms that are not taught to students in the current education system of the country. Skill India, the brainchild of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a campaign launched in 2015. The campaign’s main aim is to train over 400 million people in India in different skills by 2022. These initiatives include “National Skill Development Mission”, “Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna” and “Skill Loan Scheme”. It can be said that due to these initiatives many top companies in the world have come forward and invested in India which can aid in tackling the issues related to unemployment.


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The focus should not only give to higher education and skill development programs but skill development for Indian youth. So, this is the right time to promote skilled based programs like short term courses, vocational courses, and so on. Though most of the time, the problem is not the availability of the job, the mismatch or lack of skills to carry out a job. Therefore, it is important to develop skilling models, which will not only address the issue of the need for skilled human resources but will also provide employment to the bottom of the pyramid.


But in the end, the building can only be as strong as its foundation. Until strong educational reforms are introduced in the country, the door to jobs will be locked or closed. Innovation in the educational sector and effective training modules together hold the key to jobs in India.


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