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3. Education: A weapon to build the Nation
Author | Mr. Mahantesh Lingaraj Chikkadesai


Let’s start this with the words said by our father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi. Baapu has said, “If you want to reach real peace in this world, we should start educating children”. To live in a society with many different mindsets it is very crucial to understand our history and basic knowledge of interaction, this education starts in-home and ends in schools.


The way we teach and transfer our knowledge to our children will be the future output. If you say killing people is good we can expect child becoming terrorist and not a philanthropist. The basic building blocks need to be very perfect so that it is very important that the education system what we build today will produce bright citizens of the nation tomorrow.


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Dream of Gandhiji building Peaceful nation and visions of our late former president APJ Abdul Kalam can be made true only by our teachers with 4E (Effective, Efficient, Enlightening, Experienced) in the education system. India is a country with a lot of population & still increasing and recognised as one of the developing countries in the world with more number of young people. If we go through the statistics of the higher education students’ enrolments in India given by UNESCO is 28.06% in 2018. For any nation to sustain peace and sustainability in developments. It should have a very good education system which builds the future citizens of the country with not just degree with very good knowledge & skills. There is a saying in Kannada “Gidavagi baggaddu maravagi baggite” meaning is you can’t bend the old tree if you haven’t bent sapling. So it is very crucial for any child to educate during its higher education time with ethical and moral values. Recently we celebrated 74th Independence Day across the nation.



We removed British from our nation but we still we are struggling with a lot of uncertainties in leading a normal life, Technology is growing like the flowing water. But still in many places people don’t know how to use mobile phones. I have visited some of the villages near my place where some people still face untouchability. To build an efficient society, the education system is very crucial that it should have trained & motivated teachers with institutions /government having specified with mission and goals. Sometimes it so happens that there are centres to provide technical skills but there is no one to take that. People don’t know what it is for and how it helps them in future.


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Everyone thinks of today. But future can be built with today’s decisions this needs motivation and inspiration to younger minds which does not get as they have stopped education long back and they only know how to earn money to feed food to their family. They have potential but fail to know the government schemes of sill development and bank facility to lead their life in a more prominent way than yesterday. Education is the only weapon to build any nation stronger than yesterday in every aspect. 


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