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1 in 3 Ph.D graduates at IIT-D are women candidates – Hailed by University Director as a Milestone for Gender Diversity

Every third Ph.D candidate graduating from IIT-Delhi this year may be a woman, which director V Ramgopal Rao hailed as a crucial milestone for gender diversity on the campus.On November 7, the premier technological institute is going to be holding its 51st convocation. They invited Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a chief guest.On Thursday, during a pre-convocation news conference, director Rao stated that each person among the 298 Ph.D students graduating this year may be a woman.

Rao said,”This may be a vital milestone for us. We all are trying to enhance the gender diversity of the campus. In undergraduate classes, the share of girls students still stands at 15-16 per cent, but above that, within the postgraduate and particularly the Ph.D level, we are seeing a far better proportion”.

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Dean Academics Shantanu Roy said the share of girls among Ph.D graduates had been ‘hovering’ between 25-30 per cent in recent years but had increased this year to 35 per cent. Roy said that, “In this year’s admission, our supernumerary quota for ladies increased to twenty per cent from 14 per cent in 2018-2019 and 17 per cent in 2019-2020, and this push for diversity will reflect in our graduates during a few years to return also .”

Apart from Ph.D students, 873 undergraduate and 1,146 postgraduate students are going to be receiving their degrees at the convocation during this year. Director Rao acknowledged that the composition of the institute is over time tilting towards postgraduate studies.

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“We have quite a complete number of 10,000 students for the primary time. From this 3,131 are Ph.D students, 3,319 are postgraduate students and 4,450 are bachelor students, which suggests that 60 per cent are postgraduate and above. So we are getting more of a postgraduate institute now,” Roy said.

Last year, at this point , the institute had launched its endowment with an initial commitment of Rs 255 crore, which officials said has been a touch slow to require off this year thanks to the economic repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Dean Alumni Affairs Naveen Garg said that, “All the 16-17 alumni who had committed to the endowment have lived up to their commitments. In some cases, they wanted some longer frames to honour their commitments and that we understand that companies aren’t doing particularly well. These commitments were to be honoured in 5-10 years’ time. during this year we’ve realised around Rs 45 crore of that commitment. As far as new commitments are concerned, we are in talks with our alumni but haven’t realised any new commitment.”

Rao also stated that the institute is keen to determine an offshore campus and is in preliminary talks regarding this.

Courtesy: The Indian Express

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