Pending JRF SRF fellowships for UG to be released

Pending fellowships for Junior Research Fellows (JRF) and Senior Research Fellows (SRF) will be released by this week, announced the University Grants Commission.

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UGC Secretary Rajnish Jain said that,”the act was held up due to technical issues.” When asked to elaborate, he said it was a transition of a new procedure from an old system to how money was given to UGC by the government.

The clarification came on Monday due to the death of LSR college student Aishwarya Reddy by suicide. She was a recipient of the Ministry of Science and Technology’s who INSPIRE scholarship.

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“Despite financial constraints during the pandemic, the department decided the crunch will not be “translated to any fellowships, scholarships”” said by Dr Sanjay Mishra, who took over as in-charge of the INSPIRE Programme on November 1.

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