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uLektz is happy to announce the implementation of a mobile App for Ascentya Research and Development Solutions P Ltd

The COVID-19 pandemic has made a drastic impact globally in the past few months. It continues to wreck almost all the industries in different sectors with education being one of the most disturbing sectors. Students and educational institutions have lost much of their valuable time to the pandemic.

Considering the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 Pandemic on Higher Education institutions; MHRD and AICTE have been taking numerous initiatives to help institutions stay connected with their students and faculty members, and continue education and academic activities without any major disruption.  

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The COVID-19 outbreak has hit hard on the economy. At this juncture, uLektz Learning Solutions is honoured to offer uLektz Campus, an AI-powered Digital Campus System for Education, Skill Development, and Careers for one month FREE Subscription. Thus helping institutions with a branded Mobile App for Learning and Campus Management. The institution does not need to purchase, install, or maintain any hardware or software to implement our solution.

uLektz is happy to announce the implementation of a mobile App and online application system for “Ascentya Research and Development Solutions (P) Ltd”. The institution branded mobile App offers AI-based 360 degree personalized guidance and appropriate resources and services to students and faculty members for enhancing education, skills, and careers. 

Direct link to download the app via Google play

Ascentya provides solutions for achieving future growth and sustaining a relevant product in the market. Our innovations in your business lead to new products and services, improved processes, and new ways to interact with your customers. These innovations can result in greater profits and lower costs.

For medium enterprises, small agri-groups, and defense product manufacturers, we focus more on improving the product due to budget constraints and cost limitations.

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uLektz is elated to provide Ascentya Research and Development Solutions P Ltd with their own mobile App and online application system to manage their administrative tasks such as admission process, Time-Table scheduling, Attendance, Online Fee Payment, etc. This system also helps their students to continue their education and their faculty members to continue their teaching through online classes and conduct online assessments. In addition to this, the system provides them. Digital Library of Learning Resources with 5000+ curated ebooks, videos and journals, Online Skill Courses, and much more with complete backend support.

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