Sales staff need training, upskilling to emerge stronger

Sales staff need training, upskilling to emerge stronger

The Covid-19 outbreak and the resultant lockdown impacted many businesses and changed our very way of existence. Organisations implemented business continuity plans overnight and work from home (WFH) became a common phrase and phenomenon across industries.

Several people in varying roles grappled with this change — not just adjusting to new tools and technologies to do their work eiciently but also new online business etiquette. Sales are one such role that underwent drastic disruption. From in-person meetings, sales teams are now required to personalise and build the same kind of rapport and relationship with clients online. Though virtual sales had existed before the pandemic, this scale of digitalisation was unprecedented. Salespersons needed to unlearn and learn new methods and devise new strategies to keep their jobs intact and help organisations with sustainable growth.

With transformed strategies and a stronger digital push, careers in sales are abundant even in the new
normal. Here are some sales’ roles that continue to be in demand:

Business development representative: Getting new businesses for an organisation is critical for the survival of any company. A business development professional helps the team build relationships with clients to ensure future sales.

Sales assistant: Supporting the team with administrative tasks like maintenance of databases of contacts and invoice data, communicating promotions and pricing changes etc., eases the workload. Sales assistants are essential to any team — they help with the preparation and collation of data that improves the eicacy of on-ground (or online) sales teams.

Pharma sales: The pharmaceutical industry is in a critical stage now. A salesperson has a pivotal role in introducing the latest medicines, vaccines, machines, technologies, and tools to physicians and pharmacists.

Real estate agent: During this pandemic, it has been diicult for individuals to buy and sell a property. With the restriction on movement, a real estate agent plays a huge role in connecting buyers with sellers, negotiating with both parties, and closing a deal.

Sales engineer: This is an emerging sales role where engineers translate technical product information into easy-to-understand product pitches and user benefits.

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Automobile sales representative: The social distancing norms have accelerated the demand for individual vehicles as people begin to avoid public transportation. An auto sales rep plays a key role by explaining the features of a vehicle and helping customers in their purchase decision.

Account manager: Sales is never a one-deal job. It is important to maintain relationships with existing customers to ensure that their needs and goals are being met on time. An account manager works towards customer satisfaction by arranging regular meetings, suggesting additional or new products or services, and sharing performance reports, etc.

This trust that is built over time ensures repeat sales, as account managers carefully study and understand customer requirements and make relevant suggestions that benefit the customer. Upskilling is a crucial element in the post-pandemic period since the job roles and requirements have undergone tremendous change. To that end, sales’ sta require intensive training in modern sales’ techniques and skills to prepare themselves to meet the challenges and opportunities of the new normal and future.

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