How Can India Drive Development by Tapping the Youth Potential?

How Can India Drive Development by Tapping the Youth Potential?

India is home to more young people than any other country and should focus on harnessing the potential of its youth to drive socio-economic development. With most of our country’s population lying within the age group of 20-35, India is emerging as one of the most powerful countries in terms of human capital. Considered as most dynamic and versatile resources, the youth of India are equipped with all the necessary potentials to be showcased in the global landscape. With endless possibilities to explore and triumph, there is a need of refurbishing the skills of youth which can drive the development of India to a larger scale. By harbouring the skills of youth, India should not only focus on driving development by tapping the youth potential but also contemplate on the areas to focus on to achieve much improved outcomes.

The article focuses on the areas where the country needs to work for creating a better impact and drive development seamlessly. Some of the areas are mentioned below:

Quality Education: Although India aspires to emerge as a knowledge hub millions of young people are getting left behind without quality education. Without proper education, the young minds fail to acquire the recent knowledge and skills which can lead to them towards a better future. Encouraging learning outcomes, high-quality education not only achieve gender parity but also propels people forward into more productive and prosperous lives. Tech-enabled higher educations which ensure practical knowledge implementations as per the industry requirements can imprint the success stories of Indian students across the globe. Therefore, the Indian govt. should focus on improving the quality of education to ensure the up-gradation of Indian Youth.

Skill Enhancement: Equipping the young minds with recent skills can enable the students to be more industry oriented. By enhancing practical knowledge, skill development is one of the essential factors for employment. Govt. is taking many initiatives to ensure the upliftment of Indian students by organizing skill development programs. Govt. needs to understand that technological upgradations is directly proportional to skill development and should initiate more programs to catalyze innovations.

Technological Advancement: Exposure to technology is synonymous with development. As technology is taking many folds, it is necessary for youths to get accustomed to the recent innovations happening across the globe. With the proper adoption of technologies across the verticals of education, employment, healthcare, economy and so on, the Indian govt. can encourage the youths to get pragmatically involved in the technology.

Encouragement for Entrepreneurship: After the ‘make in India’ initiative, India has been witnessing a significant rise in the number of entrepreneurs across the country. There are many platforms initiated by the govt. of India which enables the student to go for an entrepreneurial career rather than sticking to the traditional jobs. Youths are needed to be encouraged for exploring the boundaries and challenges within the industry to stand out as leaders across various industries. They should be encouraged to come up with innovative solutions which can not only contribute to the Indian economy but also create job opportunities for other peoples.

Sports Facilities: Sports have always been avoided as the youths are often encouraged to ace in their academic examinations. Neglecting sports and athletics can not only hinder the overall physical development of the youngster but will also create problems in terms of healthcare. We all are aware of India’s weaker performances in sports compared to other geographically and economically smaller countries. The govt. should encourage the youth for the greater benefits associated with the sports and how the young individuals can reap the best outcomes from them.

The National Youth Day is celebrated every year in India on the 12th of January to commemorate the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. In 1984 the Government of India declared this day as National Youth Day and since then the event is celebrated every year in India. The Government of India quoted that ‘the philosophy of Swamiji and the ideals for which he lived and worked could be a great source of inspiration for the Indian Youth’.

Courtesy: Higher Education Review

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