IIM-Calcutta Students Win Best Teams Awards At X-Culture 2020 IIM-Calcutta

IIM-Calcutta Students Win Best Teams Awards At X-Culture 2020

New Delhi: Indian Institute of Management (IIM Calcutta) has won the Best Teams Awards at X-Culture 2020-2b competition. Five of its students have been awarded for developing solutions to real-life problems posed by various corporates and professionals. These students were members of separated teams which took part in the competition. The winners of this competition will be getting opportunities to work in the professional world and gain real-life corporate exposure. They winners have also been awarded $2,000 cash prize, post market commission for solutions. Some of them may also get permanent or regular employment opportunities with the participating companies.

Soham Basu Chaudhury, Arun Sharma, Haritha Unnikrishnan, Ikjot Kaur, Ritika Verma mentored by Prof. Ramya Venkateswaran won the X-Culture Best Teams Awards

Along with IIM-Calcutta, 41 more groups were adjudged as ‘best teams’ out of 1,277 participating teams.

All the students who have completed their projects received an X-Culture Consulting certificate. Further all the members of the finalist teams received Best Team certificates and will be invited to the upcoming 2021 X-Culture Symposium and X-Culture Coaching Program.

A total of 5,955 MBA students, undergraduate MBA students, and non-student contestants from 150 universities in 78 countries on all 6 continents applied to participate in the 2020 round two of the X-Culture competition. Of those, 5,955 passed the Readiness Test and were allowed to participate and complete the project.

Courtesy: NDTV Education

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