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Orphaned but never weak- woman starts NGO to educate underprivileged kids

“Education is a basic right and is the solution to all the problems. So, I have decided to help needy children get an education. Till now we were able to help over 4,000 children from both the Telugu-speaking states get an education,” Himaja Reddy, the founder of Hope for Life, told ANI on Sunday.

Having grown up in an orphanage as a child, Reddy said that she knew the importance of education. “Despite having parents, I grew up as an orphan in an orphanage since I was three years old. Having witnessed the problems of underprivileged and orphan children to get education, I decided at a young age to work for children and help them become educated,” she added.

Reddy adopted three girls while she was pursuing her graduation. She said now the organisation has helped over 4,000 children become educated. “Later, with a team of three members, I have initiated this Hope for Life Foundation in 2015 and registered it in 2017. Now we have reached various states across the country working over various problems.”

She said, “Apart from education, the foundation focuses on health as well. We conduct health camps, blood donation camps. The major projects that we take up in health are cancer awareness campaigns and menstrual hygiene campaigns.”

Rohit, a member of Hope for Life Foundation said that he has been a part of the foundation since its inception and said that they would work for the needy.

Courtesy: Siasat

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