Lecture Notes to ISBN Registered eBooks

Lecture Notes to ISBN Registered Ebooks- a revolutionary idea.

While course syllabus ebooks help in planning the course, the lecture notes help the students in comprehending the course to its bare essentials. Without lecture notes, the students will struggle a lot in understanding the course and attaining the knowledge that is required. Hence lecture notes can’t be overlooked. But that is not the reality that exists in our market. Only limited number of publishers encourage the coverage of lecture notes, that too, for certain mainstream subjects. What if there is a publisher who is interested in converting your lecture notes into ISBN registered book, irrespective of your major?

uLektz Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd, a SaaS-based software provider in the education field, has launched a revolutionary service as part of its 360-degree AI education ecosystem venture. Based on this service a lecturer or a professor can get his/her lecture notes converted to an ISBN registered book. And the good news doesn’t end here, the respective professors can earn his/her share of loyalty through their lecture notes.

On a mission to create an impact in the education field, uLektz’s Books platform has already ensured that the course materials that are needed for students are available on-demand online. But after seeing the impacts of the pandemic on the education sector, the ED-Tech provider decided to focus on the solution that guarantees the continuity of educational services. Its latest service of converting lecture notes into ISBN ebooks embodies the said goal into action.

uLektz books help you publish your lecture notes as E-books with ISBN and offers a lifetime Royalty. uLektz books work with thousands of faculty members from various colleges and universities to help them:

  • Convert the lecture notes into
  • Get ISBN for the ebooks and publish them
  • Promote and market the ebooks worldwide to 1 million+ student and educators
  • Sell the ebooks and pay 50% of the revenue as royalty.

Benefits of Converting your lecture notes into Ebooks:

  • Be an author to a book of your expertise
  • Publish your book with internationally recognised ISBN
  • Showcase your expertise in your field
  • Disseminate your knowledge to the needy
  • Get authorship certificate from uLektz Academy
  • Advance your career in higher education
  • Get continuous and life-long royalty for your ebooks

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