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uLektz is a SaaS-based education solution company, determined to create a 360-degree AI-powered ecosystem in the education field. As part of its venture to create an impact in the education industry uLektz has come with many flagship products/services to promote the interests of the major players in the education field- students, faculties, academicians, industry experts, and visionaries. One such initiative is ED-Talk.

In today’s world that is ruled by technology and creativity, ideas are the juices on which our modern world runs. In such a case we decided to create a platform for students, faculties, academicians, industry experts, and visionaries to share their unique ideas and opinions. Ed-Talk is the resulting brainchild. Through Ed-Talk people can share their experience, ideas and wisdom to a growing community of aspiring intellects.


To ensure that this noble initiative achieves maximum reach and creates a change that is needed in our industry, we have created a fine-tuned process for our flagship talk show. Here is the process

Step 1: Event Creation

After the title is confirmed, you will get a confirmation mail in which we will be asking you the required details (like a professional photograph, job title etc). Once those details are shared, we will create your event in uLektz Events and start its marketing process.

Step 2: Marketing

We will be sharing posters about the talk and we will conduct marketing campaigns around it, which we will be sharing with you too. Marketing Process includes- Email Marketing, Social media promotions and internal marketing.

Step 3: Ice-Breaking Session

On a suitable date (which can be fixed from your end, preferably a week before the event is scheduled), we will be having an ice-breaking session, wherein, we will walk you through the talk like- getting to know about the subject, planning QA sessions, sharing insights about the subject etc. This will act as a trial for the actual event.

Step 4: The Actual Event!

Step 5: News Article

After the event, we will write an informative piece about the talk for our online news portal www.ulektznews.com, which will be shared with you. Please share your insights before we post it at our online portal.

Who can participate:

  • Students
  • Professors
  • Academicians
  • Vice-Chancellors
  • Industry Experts
  • Activists
  • Visionaries
  • CEOs
  • Influencers
  • Change Makers
  • Out-of-box thinkers

Presenter Guide

Kudos to you for Presenting a Unique Idea in our Ed-Talk platform! So far you are doing great and you will continue to perform well during the Talk. As you prepare for the Talk here are some tips to remember

  • Develop an all-round, fully formed Idea and get familiar with it before you present the same. Play Devil’s advocate with yourself, to answer any possible query you could get from the audience or the Host.
  • Make an outline/script for your Talk and ensure that while presenting you follow the same.
  • If needed create slides that could help you in presenting your idea in an articulate manner.
  • Rehearse the Talk once, before presenting, to rule out any mishaps or surprises that might happen during the Talk
  • Present the Talk and Savour the amazing feeling of becoming a Certified Public Speaker.

Presenter Rules

  • Every Presenter should submit the PPT (if you are presenting) to us, one week before the Presentation.
  • Since its an online event, proper ambience/surrounding should be ensured while presenting the Talk
  • The Presenter must ensure that he/she is in professional attire during the Talk
  • The Presenter must report 15 mins prior to the Talk to have a final check with our team.

Benefits of Presenting Ed-Talk

  • Provides a platform to present your unique ideas and make it reach millions across the world.
  • Helps you evolve into a thought leader in the area or the field of your expertise
  • Helps you create your community of like-minded people as supporters and followers.
  • Helps you to create a socially positive impact.
  • A featured article in our Online Education News Portal- uLektz News.
  • Become a certified speaker




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