Clark College removes application fee

The decision goes into effect with spring term registration, expanding access to higher education

VANCOUVER – Clark College has taken a new step to expand access to higher education. Beginning with registration for the 2021 spring term, the college is removing its admission application fee, making it free for almost all prospective students to apply. The one exception is International Students, who use a separate admissions process to apply to the college that requires special handling of their F-1 visa status.

Previously the college charged a $25 application fee to most prospective students. While this is significantly less than the application fees for most universities and private colleges, it still could prove to be a barrier for some of the college’s students. Approximately 40 per cent of Clark College students qualify as low-income.

“This has been a complex project that was months in the making, especially given the college’s current budget challenges, but I am so proud of our staff for staying focused on serving our students by removing barriers that discourage students from taking the next step,” said Dr. Michele Cruse, interim vice president of Student Affairs. “Clark College is committed to being an open-enrollment institution, and this one more big step toward being truly open to everyone in our community.”

“We don’t want students to have to choose between gas money and the admissions fee,” said Josiah Joner, Associated Students of Clark College president. “Money’s tight. We need to make it easier for students to get started.”

The change goes into effect for students applying for spring term, registration for which begins on February 9 for most students.

Courtesy: Clark County Today

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