Need to stress on quality in higher education, says Santhosh

BENGALURU: BJP National General Secretary BL Santhosh said on Wednesday that while there were rules for higher educational institutions, there was no guiding light and there were no mentoring hands to set them on the path of educational excellence.

He said with the country poised for a paradigm shift in the education system, one of the things required for higher educational institutes was quality. Experiments keep happening in the education sector and the biggest duty when making the rules is to ensure creativity in an ordinary person does not get killed, he added.

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He was speaking at the launch of the Quality Management System in Higher Education, a publication by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). He said this book fills up that vacuum.

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He said the manual of 14 chapters touches upon the nitty-gritty of achieving higher standards in higher education, which is most required as far as India is concerned.

Prof S C Sharma, Director, NAAC, said, “We are at crossroads in the field of higher education. The manual comprises seven criteria for higher educational institutions.”

Courtesy: New Indian Express



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