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uLektz is happy to announce its official technology partnership with Good News International University

In keeping up with the current trend of digitising the education industry, GoodNews International University has officially announced uLektz as its technology partner.

During Covid, many industries took a stand-still in their day-to-day operations. With nation-wide lockdowns implemented internationally the entire running of daily activities fell under the purview of Online operations. But this acted as a silver-linning for the education industry in India.

uLektz Campus

In the past decade, we did achieve certain minimalistic developments in the education field, but in the past year, we have reached new heights in this field. One major development in which we scored, was the implementation of Online education in main-stream education. Colleges and Universities across our country adopted the Online mode not only for imparting education but also for managing the administration process, conducting online exams and other academic activities. In keeping up with this current trend, GoodNews International University has officially announced uLektz as its technology partner.

With this strategic partnership, Good News International University will have its flagship mobile app and online application system, through which important administrative tasks like admission process, Time-Table scheduling, Attendance, Online Fee Payment etc can be managed effectively. Added to this, the SaaS-based solution provider will also ensure that the students and faculties of the University can continue their academic activities without any difficulties (which a lockdown might cause). To achieve the above-mentioned promise uLektz has provided Good News International University with tons of real-time technical support including a digital Library of Learning Resources with 5000+ ebooks, videos and journals, Online Skill Courses and much more with complete backend support.

About Good News International University

The need to look at man and society from the perspective of a powerful God who created the universe is paramount at this juncture. Biblical Study and knowledge that facilitates such a response to God’s word is to be provided not only to Christian pastors but also to leaders. Its important that theological education should be available to all of those who seek it. The university is provided with well-anointed teachers both Nationally & Internationally with practically needed subjects of this 21st Century. At the university, we proved with more than 8000 books for the usage of the students.

The university provides excellent study facilities for Christian worker in the mission field. We have more than 200 students who study in various fields in 16 centres in the country. We have started extension centres in New Delhi, Uttarakhand, Lucknow. In 2018 centres will be started in Hyderabad and in Karnataka, Along with theological studies, we also honour men and women of learning with Doctoral degrees in their respective areas of their ministry. We also provide distance education in theology for candidates who want to study from their home Students from various countries study their theology in our university. We also ordain candidates who after finishing their courses and want to go into ministry. Our vision and mission are to fulfil the great commission of God in this end-times of this world.

About uLektz Campus:

uLektz Learning Solutions (uLektz) is an ISO 9001:2015 and 27001:2013 certified education technology company. We provide universities and colleges with an AI-powered Digital Campus System with their own branded mobile app to enable digital education. It helps colleges and universities enable digital education by creating an engaging learning and teaching environment, and integrating and automating all the academic and administrative activities. By using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, it provides personalised guidance and appropriate resources for education, skill development and careers to both students and educators. Thus, it helps institutions stay aligned with the recommendations of MHRD, UGC, NAAC, NBA, etc.

Our cloud-based AI-powered Digital Campus System will help institutions integrate and automate all the critical academic and administrative activities and provide appropriate digital resources for education, skill development and careers. Implementing this system will:

  • Provide the institution a white-labelled cloud-based web portal accessible via Desktop and Laptop along with the institution’s own branded Android Mobile App.
  • Provide institutions single-point access to profiles and various performance reports of all the students and faculty members.
  • Help institutions to enable digital education and leverage innovative technologies for effective learning management.
  • Help institutions to manage all their students, faculty, courses, classes, time-table, attendance, etc.
  • Help the institution stay connected with all its students and faculty members for any immediate support.
  • Help institutions send instant notifications and messages to all or any specific group of students and faculty.
  • Help institutions create and manage their own digital library of study materials – ebooks, videos, etc.
  • Help the students to access digital resources for Education, Skill Development and Careers – Internships and Job Placement Opportunities.
  • Help institutions plan and implement specific business strategies and policies more effectively and also take instant feedback from the concerned stakeholders



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