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Socialising the eLearning platform through the new EdNET-Me app.

We used to have simpler times in the Education field. Back then when we used the term “higher education” we would think of students coming to a class, have lively discussions with other students, listen to the professor’s lecture, scribble the necessary notes, visit the library for further reading and return to home, after having a fun-filled day. But in a matter of a few months, we were compelled to let go of this age-old tradition and adopt a different approach for higher education. The eLearning mode.

uLektz Campus

Since the on-set of Corona, College/Universities and other educational institutions were compelled to adopt an eLearning platform through which daily lessons and other academic activities were shared. This culture gave birth to many forms of e-learning in which one of the most famous forms is Social learning. Under this form of eLearning, instead of just listening to the lectures, students can collaborate, share and comment about the lectures through a learning platform that supports social interactions too. This, in a nutshell, is what EdNET-Me’s new social learning platform promises to offer. 

Social Learning Platform- Socialising the e-Learning culture

The current trend in the education field is to digitise the academic process and promise a smooth experience for the learners. Keeping up with this trend EdNET-Me, an Ed-Tech solution company, and uLektz, a SaaS-based learning management solution company, decided to digitise the student’s learning experience. The resulting product is a Social learning platform in which students can learn from and with other students. This way every student can experience an enriching eLearning experience. 

Through this platform, which is powered by uLektz’s Campus, students can share and comment about the course, have course ratings, have course discussions and blogs about assignments and other academic-related activities online. Added to this, there is an additional option for a dynamic digital library. Through this digital library, students can access live resource materials that might be needed for a particular course/s. With an additional Internship and Job support, any passionate student who wants to upskill their talents can become future-ready with an all-round eLearning experience. 

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About EdNET-Me

We represent the finest Ed Tech solutions through our partners for the UAE and GCC Education sector. Specializing in the education and training sector offering market entry strategy, student recruitment strategy, new market development, digital marketing and managed services solutions. Our mission is to work as partners with tertiary and K-12 institutions and investors to be the enabler of their market entry and ongoing success by providing cost-effective, market informed, agile service levels and above all ethical conduct.

About uLektz Campus

uLektz Learning Solutions (uLektz) is an ISO 9001:2015 and 27001:2013 certified education technology company. We provide universities and colleges with an AI-powered Digital Campus System with their own branded mobile app to enable digital education. It helps colleges and universities enable digital education by creating an engaging learning and teaching environment, and integrating and automating all the academic and administrative activities. By using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, it provides personalised guidance and appropriate resources for education, skill development and careers to both students and educators. Thus, it helps institutions stay aligned with the recommendations of MHRD, UGC, NAAC, NBA, etc.

Our cloud-based AI-powered Digital Campus System will help institutions integrate and automate all the critical academic and administrative activities and provide appropriate digital resources for education, skill development and careers.


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