Delhi Model Virtual School will provide education remotely

‘Delhi Model Virtual School will provide education remotely’

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Thursday said that the Delhi Model Virtual School announced recently during the budget, will strive to provide education to students remotely through personalized teaching-learning, effective assessments, and the use of cutting-edge technology.

Outlining the scope

He presided over a meeting to outline the scope of the Delhi Model Virtual School with various departments of the government.

“This school will have regular teaching-learning activities, assessments and all other education-related facilities. It will operate with the principle of ‘anywhere living, any time learning, any time testing’,” Mr. Sisodia said.

The Minister added that the virtual school will cater to a cross-section of students, including those interested in studying from home, sportspersons and artists who need to devote adequate time towards honing their skills, school dropouts and other youth who want to complete their education.


The government said that various existing models of virtual schools in the U.S. and New Zealand were discussed in the meeting.

The Minister also constituted a six-member committee comprising school principals, teachers, and Information Technology officials to study global best practices in virtual schooling and submit a blueprint for Delhi’s virtual school within a week.


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