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5 edtech startups beyond mainstream education

With the evolution of technology in the education system, students are offered interactive courses and learning methods. The sector has seen the need for changes and development more than ever before. The Covid-19 pandemic has only fuelled this transformation by bridging the confidence within the society that learning is not confined within classroom

Earlier the choices of students were restricted to maths, English, science, etc but with these startups that are offering creative and skill-based courses with innovative learning, students will have a wider horizon in terms of future opportunities.

By providing real-time learning and understanding, futuristic goals can be obtained with the help of these platforms. This shift in the sector has also paved the way for a flow of innovative and practical learning. These learning trends will continue to grow post-pandemic as parents and children now understand the importance of this technologically driven education that is only nourished towards more holistic development of children.

1. Bambinos

Established in 2020 based in Bangalore, it is a one-of-its-kind learning platform for 4-15 years of children where they offer 40+ co-curricular courses like creative writing, Bharatnatyam and more.

One of the most popular courses that have also received international attention from countries like Japan, Canada and Korea is the one on Bhagwad Gita. More than one lakh students have enrolled themselves on the platform till date and continue to add.

It is a multi-category digital academy for extracurricular learning with a vision to make children future-ready and help them to explore their true potential. Ashish, the founder and CEO of Bambinos believes that every child is unique and should be nurtured in the same direction after identifying the right interests.

2. SP Robotics

It is an online edutainment company which provides experiential learning to students between the age of 7 and 17 in the latest technologies like Robotics, Coding, Drone, AI, VR, IoT and everything that promotes STEM education through AI-powered online learning platform.

In addition to its online courses, SPRW has marked its presence internationally in 14 countries with 35 awards with 83 branches across 27 cities in India, making it India’s largest network of Maker Labs. SPRW focuses on real-time concepts and progress and every student with an AI-enabled platform that guides every student individually.

With the idea of transforming engineering and STEM education, Sneha Priya founded SPRW in 2012 and has more than two lakh students trained.

3. Kyt

It started by Tripti Ahuja and husband Bhavish Rathod in 2019, offers courses beyond academics for children to explore their interests.

Kyt is designed to support children’s interest beyond traditional school subjects and make learning a fun experience. Kyt offers co-curricular courses for children between 5-15, encouraging fun learning.

4. Qshala

This is another similar Bangalore-based ed-tech startup that operates with quiz as a learning tool to foster life skills and inculcate curiosity in children. Sachin Ravi and Raghav Chakravarthy co-founders of Qshala believe in the holistic development of children.

Qshala was first established in 2014 as an offline platform for students and was converted into online during the pandemic as a Sunday family quiz.

4. Frontrow

This learning platform offers courses from celebrities, where people can learn from the best. IshaanPreet Singh who is the founder of the company claims that more than 26 million people have already enrolled themselves in the classes.

Due to the scarcity of resources in the country, the co-curricular sector is unorganized and needs to be organized now more than ever before. The platform makes the masters of their category accessible to common people to polish their skills.


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