Education Minister Audimulapu Suresh

Education Minister Audimulapu Suresh pats Class IX student for doing ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’ with PM Modi

Markapuram: Education Minister Dr Audimulapu Suresh appreciated M Pallavi, a class IX student in the Government High School at Podili of Prakasam district, for participating in the Pariksha pe Charcha programme with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and asking him a good question on the fear and stress about exams and receiving an answer from him. Pallavi, participating in the virtual Pariksha Pe Charcha programme on Wednesday, said that the students are facing fear and stress about the exams scheduled in just a few days. She asked the Prime Minister on how to beat the fear and stress and become successful. The Prime Minister, in his reply, told Pallavi and other students that there is no need of fearing exams and feeling stress to prepare for them. He said that the students know that the exams come in March and April and they have already started preparing for it. He opined that the fear and stress on the students is not about taking the exams, but about the outcome as results. He said that in the earlier days, the parents used to support their children in preparing for their exams, knowing the strengths and weaknesses, and encourage them in continuing their hobbies and practising their talents.

But the Prime Minister observed, the parents today have no time for their children and calculating their worthiness based on the marks. He said that the students are surrounded by a myth that the exams are the most important events in life. He said that life is so long to celebrate and exams are just an event in life. He advised the parents, teachers, family members and relatives to stop pressurising them on the exams and let them feel exam days are also just like any other days.

He said that the Chief Minister has brought many reforms like providing uniforms, shoes, books in time, providing a good atmosphere in schools with the Nadu Nedu, Amma Vodi, JaganannaGoruMudda schemes, so that the students should not feel inferior to any others. He also appreciated the district education minister VS Subbarao for motivating the students to participate in the programme and his efforts in implementing the government schemes successfully.


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