Beyond formal education this is where the billion dollar Data Science Analytics industry picks its talent from

Beyond formal education, this is where the billion-dollar Data Science & Analytics industry picks its talent from

Even a glance at the corporate world makes it evident that Data Science & Analytics have become critical cornerstones of business success. In recent years, the unprecedented adoption of Data solutions has relied heavily on accurate Data analysis and insights by businesses worldwide. The global Data Science & Analytics industry is expected to reach a high-watermark valuation of approximately USD 141 Billion by 2024, growing at a remarkable Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of roughly 30%. The primary factors propelling this rapid growth are the increasing cross-industry focus on using customer and operational data to boost business and maintain a competitive edge and the pressing need to extract actionable business insights from massive data sets to enhance efficiency brand value.

The vital New Age enterprise requirement of abiding by data-driven business strategies, along with the relentless industry-wide implementation of cutting-edge Tech solutions based on Data Science, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, RPA, Cloud Computing and more on a global scale, means that skilled professionals who excel in these Data-related specialisations will become magnets for lucrative career opportunities.

With that being stated, Imarticus Learning is a pioneer in the field of launching the careers of aspiring Data Scientists and Analysts, using their class-leading industry-endorsed Analytics training programs to impart tech-enabled real-business learning experiences that prepare students for rewarding careers in the Data Science & Analytics industry.

Over the years, Imarticus has forged reliable partnerships with global leaders in Big Data Analytics and premium Data Science education providers, such as KPMG In India and UCLA Extension, to develop industry-approved learning material, deliver world-class experiential training, and offer internationally recognised industry-accredited professional certifications.

Even though Imarticus is less than a decade old, the institute has still successfully trained over 35,000 budding Data Science & Analytics professionals, with over 15,000 career-ready Data Science students securing coveted job placements and taking the industry by storm. Furthermore, Imarticus’ Data Science & Analytics students gain unrestricted access to their global community of industry leaders and experts, presenting students with exclusive professional networking and career growth opportunities via seminars, webinars, corporate events, industry workshops, thought leadership sessions and much more.

As a result of their overall impact and industry influence, Imarticus has received numerous awards and accolades for its unique, state-of-the-art tech-based training methods. The institute believes in experiential learning and goes to great lengths to ensure that our learners comprehensively master the skills employers are looking for in Data Science & Analytics professionals.

Their state-of-the-art Post-Graduate Program in Analytics & Artificial Intelligence (which includes Data Science Fundamentals delivered by UCLA Extension) and Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics not only offer profound industry-endorsed professional education, these programs also come with a job placement guarantee. Successfully complete either program and their in-house Placement Team will help you get an assured job placement in the Data Science & Analytics industry.


For those seeking to thoroughly enhance their Data Science industry knowledge with hands-on tech-enabled training from KPMG In India, Imarticus’ cutting-edge Data Science Prodegree is one of the few programs that offers such a unique industry-endorsed professional learning experience.


What’s particularly noteworthy is that Imarticus pledges to closely guide all their Data Science & Analytics students to make their way into an ever-evolving and highly competitive industry, not just by providing world-class professional education by also offering extensive career support and mentorship long after the students have graduated.


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