New E Teaching App for teachers to monitor students learning launched

New E-Teaching App for teachers to monitor students’ learning launched

An IT firm has come up with a new personalised teaching app with a unique feature facilitating teachers to monitor students during online classes, thus ensuring the effectiveness of classes. Thiruvananthapuram-based ‘Learners India’ foresees the use of the novel ‘MySchool’ in post-Covid times as well, given that regular classes in future will be hybrid, the company said.

The pioneering app, which can be employed both in schools and colleges, permits re-tuning the course material to the tastes of students. ‘MySchool’ will also help spot each learner’s skills and develop them on an individual basis, according to officials with Learners India, that provides teachers futuristic e-tools in changing academic times.

“One can download the MySchool APP and can program it to suit their institution. It has features to support students to excel in curricular as well as co-curricular activities,” a company statement said here on Tuesday.

Its principal dashboard facilitates the head of the school or college to get live feedback of all the teaching activities under him or her, it said. According to the company, the institution, employing ‘MySchool’, can project ones own name as the software facilitates programming the app to individual needs.

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The platform features an instant messaging system for a private communication system within the stakeholders of the school and also has features to link the mentors who can offer special resources from anywhere in the world for the students, it said.

Learners India will provide installation support and user training to all institutions aspiring to use MySchool.

The company further notes that the app, besides giving teachers new ways to engage students in the learning process, enables parents to track and evaluate their children’s learning graph in real-time, the statement added.

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