Interesting online courses for kids to choose during summer

Interesting online courses for kids to choose during summer holidays

With the parks, malls, theatres closed due to the pandemic, summer holidays can be intimidating for parents as their kids would be sitting idle and feeling bored at home. Need not worry, there are a range of online courses that not only boost your kid’s productivity but also kick their boredom. Kids are, however, glued to the smartphone, and learning through the phone would probably be the best solution to mitigate your worry. Since almost everything has moved to digital platforms, let’s quickly check out some of the online courses you can opt for your child.

Programming for Kids

If your kid is over eight years old, then you can consider basic programming courses for them as it is an essential skill these days. This course can enhance your kid’s creativity, computational thinking, and problem-solving skills.

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Drawing classes

There are numerous drawing courses available online for kids. These courses will be ideal for kids of age five and more. Drawing classes will be fun and no previous skills required.

Kids Yoga classes

Yoga classes can keep your kids active and healthy. You can consider courses that include yoga, hula hooping, breathing exercises, etc to make the classes more friendly.

Foreign Language classes Learning more languages certainly makes a kid confident as it enhances cognitive, memory, and listening skills. Also, learning a foreign language at an earlier age opens doors for better education and career.

Cooking classes for kids Virtual cooking classes are available online for kids. These courses include making a shopping list and instructional videos. Initially, children will be introduced to basic cooking and easy recipes.

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