AN important step in advance in the direction of the nationalization of education has been taken in the Bombay Presidency and the local Government has expressed approval of the decision. The municipality of Nadia recently passed a resolution by a majority of votes to conduct the schools under its jurisdiction without the aid and control of the Government. This resolution was confirmed at a subsequent meeting by a majority of votes and the Government of Bombay was informed of the fact that the decision of the municipality was in obedience to the ascertained wishes of the rate-payers and therefore the executive would proceed to reorganize its schools on a national basis. The Government evidently made its own enquiries whether there was any genuine desire for the change contemplated and, though not satisfied that the rate-payers were properly consulted, felt convinced of the existence of a body of opinion in favour of the nationalization of schools. Having no desire to interfere with the wishes of the local people, it gave its approval to the resolution of the municipality, observing, however, that the power of control vested in the Government should be maintained, that the rights of the existing staff should be fully safeguarded and that facilities should be offered for the education of the children of those parents who did not wish to send them to national schools. We believe that the decision of the Government in this matter is correct and any other municipality electing to nationalize its schools will be similarly treated. So far as the Government is concerned, it is perfectly willing to see the working of the new experiment side by side with that of Government-controlled schools. If the process of nationalization is successful and if the people are satisfied that the national system of education will allow their children to become happy, contented and intelligent citizens, it will encourage the rapid conversion of other schools also.


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