Blackboard is a leading EdTech company serving higher education, K-12, business and government clients around the world. We connect a deep understanding of education with the power of technology to continuously push the boundaries of learning.

Education has the power to transform lives and societies. At Blackboard, we believe learning is a right, not a privilege. We are proud to partner with the global education community and witness your endless passion to ensure learners around the world have access to a quality education.

With you, we can do more, so that the best education possible is accessible for all learners. We help you deliver an integrated experience that addresses individual needs and helps educators shape each learner’s journey to prepare them for the future.

Higher Education

We partner with higher education clients around the globe to drive student and educator success through an integrated technology stack, robust data & analytics capabilities and best-in-class services. From marketing and enrollment services to our LMS, we’re here to help your institution thrive.


We help K-12 communities teach, learn and communicate with confidence in any situation. Whether it’s a rapid transition to remote instruction or building a multi-channel community engagement program, we’re here to connect your community simply and efficiently.


Guarantee mission-readiness by taking learning to the next level with our secure, wide-reaching learning environment. Our FedRAMP Authorized SaaS LMS can help you deliver training anytime, anywhere; track learner progress; and measure technology adoption.

Standards First

We are proud supporters of the Standards First Pledge. As part of a community that is committed to make open standards the first and primary choice for education technology integrations, we are advocates for standards-based integrations. We believe that achieving and promoting official product certification to open standards enables a better EdTech ecosystem and community and believe in fair and open business practices for suppliers. This is a cause we are passionate about and have taken the Standards First pledge to confirm our support. Find out more about Standards First.


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