mhas cyber-security

Course in Cyber Security

This Course is Offered and Certified by uLektz Academy

About the Course:
In today’s cyber world, it is important for engineers to understand and appreciate computer/information security as it has become an essential aspect of our daily life. This course provides students with concepts of computer security,Threats & Prevention Methods, Data Security Consideration, Frameworks & Cybersecurity Technology, Cyber security Attacks -Types of Cyber Attackers, Policies & Standards Learning Outcomes Upon the completion of this course, students should be able to understand, appreciate, employ, design and implement appropriate security technologies and policies to protect computers and digital information.

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Topics Covered:
1. Introduction
2. Cyber Security vs Information Security
3. Threats And Prevention Methods
4. Frameworks
5. Security Technologies
6. Cybersecurity -Attacks
7. Cybersecurity Policies
8. Cyber Security Standards

Learning Content – 45 hours
Language – English
Certification – Learners will get the Certification after successful completion of the course.

Recommended Jobs:
Senior Cyber Security Engineer, Cybersecurity Pre-sales Consultant, Cybersecurity Specialist, Cybersecurity Programmer,etc.,

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