How ed tech platforms are modernising school education during Covid 19 pandemic

How ed-tech platforms are modernising school education during Covid-19 pandemic

We always debated about the disadvantages of smartphone or laptop usage among students, but 2020 changed everything. Today, these devices are the only way out for students, parents, teachers, and educational institutions. Technology in Education has made it possible for our little ones to continue learning even while we battle an unprecedented war as humans.

Emerging as a savior, Ed-tech platforms have made it possible to replicate as well as aid school education virtually, in sync with the prevailing needs. Ed-tech platforms are supporting schools and colleges in modernizing education and making the learning process a rewarding proposition.

.Little did we know back then that we were still too distant from realizing the true potential of technology in education

Education is for everyone, and all have a right to grasp learning at their own pace. Ed-tech allows it beautifully through AI-powered revisions and Instant doubt clarification. These platforms also work as a boon for introverted kids who find it hard to ask questions in class. Ed-tech transforms the role of technology in education by making students more proactive in their overall learning process.


Ed-tech sector in 2020:

In the previous year, the Ed-tech user base grew exponentially with the participation of all stakeholders, including students, teachers, and parents. In the era of social distancing, they ushered in virtual proximity to modernize school education. Contrary to the belief, Ed-techs do not dilute the role of teachers or any other aspect of education; instead, it builds a strong bond between the teachers and the students by making learning processes organic and simple.

Global research on e-learning further highlights that it improves the retention power while curtailing the overall time spent in learning a concept. With solitary access to knowledge, some students focus more on their own learning process and cut unnecessary competition of being the “first” to answer in the class. It allows kids to understand themselves and their keenness on any subject better, which enables them to make better higher education or career choices. It also promotes critical thinking among children.


Besides, Ed-tech organically allows students to make the right use of technology focused on self-learning and growth.


Education in the new normal will change dramatically as it did in the past year. By making the right choices in regard to ed-tech learning, schools can successfully modernize their education systems and do away with rote learning methodologies.

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