Mumbai: School Education Department yet to decide marking policy for Class 10 SSC board examinations

Following the declaration of the marking policy for Class 10 students by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), students of Maharashtra state board are awaiting a marking policy, as the state School Education Department has cancelled Secondary School Certificate (SSC) board examinations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Parents of students studying in Class 10 (SSC board), teachers and schools have been repeatedly demanding clarity on the methods to award marks to students without conducting examinations.

It has been almost three weeks that the state School Education Department announced the cancellation of Class 10 SSC board examination. Varsha Gaikwad, state school education minister, had said, “The criterion on the basis of which results will be declared for Class 10 and the date of result declaration will be announced soon.”

Lalita Sindhi, a parent of a Class 10 student, said, “I am glad the department cancelled the SSC board examinations. But, it will relieve the stress amongst students if the department declares the marking policy soon.” While, Adam Gomes, another parent said, “Students will get some clarity once they know how they are going to be marked and when will they get their Class 10 SSC board results.”

Mayuri Tendulkar, a senior teacher SSC board said, “Awarding marks based on performance in internal tests, preliminary examinations, class assignments and projects is a feasible option that should be considered to calculate final scores of SSC board students.”

Following the cancellation of SSC board examinations, the state School Education Department has conducted several discussions with stakeholders on formulating a marking policy for Class 10 students. A final decision is yet to be taken by the department.

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