UP Higher Education Institutions

UP Higher Education Institutions closed till May 20 amid Covid-19 crisis

All education institutions under the Higher Education Department of UP will remain closed till May 20. This will include, universities, colleges, colleges affiliated with universities, professional institutes for higher education, among all higher education institutes. Uttar Pradesh’s education department has issued the order.


Teachers, students, and staff members will not be allowed inside the institutes during this period

Moreover, online exams will also be postponed till further orders by the government.




Previous order of UP Government

Earlier, the state government released an order till May 10 for higher classes.


The official Tweet from CMO, Uttar Pradesh says, “In view of Covid-19 transition, all schools from class 01 to class 12 should be kept on leave till May 10, 2021.”


Added the tweet, “Coaching institutions will also be closed and online classes should also be postponed”.


Earlier, the Uttar Pradesh government allowed school teachers across the state to work from home till May 20, 2021. Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Minister Satish Dwivedi made this announcement.

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